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 Short stories. Vr 2

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PostSubject: Short stories. Vr 2   Short stories. Vr 2 EmptyFri Jan 20, 2017 11:37 pm

soooo yeah. I'm a writer. I like to write. None of these are in any order and just yeah. Enjoy reading.

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Posts : 51
Join date : 2017-01-04
Age : 24
Location : In your shadow stalking you.

Short stories. Vr 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Short stories. Vr 2   Short stories. Vr 2 EmptySat Jan 21, 2017 12:04 am

Together, forever broken

It started when I moved to a new school. See, I'm really horribly shy about my body, so I dress like a guy and my voice passes for one of those guys who's naturally very soft spoken. I'm actually a girl. My name is Alexandra. I'm 18 and this is my last year of school. I wear this heavy duster that the inside unzips for summer time wear and its bright red. It was my dads and he gave it to me as a present. He's currently in the Navy.
My mom is a lawyer so she's rarely home
I love my school. The teachers alright except for one thing, the biggest downfall of every school these days it seems. Bullying.
See you got the popular cheerleaders and the dudes who do all the different sports, the nerds, the geeks, you name it. I'm an oddball out. See I have long black hair that I keep tied back. And I like to sew and make cosplay outfits. I made a cosplay club and what's funny is I have at least one person from each stereo type in it. But no one likes to include me in anything. They don't don't like me for one reason or another. Ohwell.
Seeing as how I don't fit I get picked on for being a new kid. That's good and all but one of the guys I have practically every class with bullies me. His name is Jeisu Kasshu. He was born in Japan, grew up in Texas, moved here and I swear he did it to make my final year of school hell.
He corners me in the hallways and calls me names, he's tripped me several times, hid my stuff, you name it. The only thing he hasn't done yet is hit me.
See I've got a temper that I bottle things up, on it in a pot and put that on a slow boil. When I finally snap it won't be very pretty. Graduation is in a few weeks and then I'm getting as far away from Jeisu as possible.
"Yo Al" Speak of the Devil!!!! Jeisu was behind me walking to school.
I turned my head. "What do you want?" I caught a look in his eyes I hadn't seen before. The expression was hard to place but it was quickly replaced by malice.
Jeisu looked ahead of us. "That's not a polite way to talk to someone"
"Your not very polite on a good day. So why should I be?" It was an honest question, but I mixed it with sarcasim and snark.
"What's with the attitude?" He questioned.
"The fact I got stuck going to school with you!" I stormed off stretching my long legs as far as they would and I made it to school 5 minutes before him. I spent the remaining minutes playing random notes on the piano in the music room

that person pisses me off!!! Jeisu hit a punching bag in frustration. "Alex" was sending his incubus instincts into overdrive. And he couldn't figure out if alex was a girl or a guy and it was driving him insane. His instincts screamed girl but the scent.... That was what threw him off as well as actions.
Incubi and sucubi were few in numbers, and went into their first heat between the ages of 15-18. The latest was 20. The heat was like any other being, urge to mate that got worse and worse. An unmated demon could probably settle for anyone but they sent out aura pulses without meaning to and recently Jeisu's had 'pinged' letting him know that his mate was near, he just couldn't find her.
"Damnit..." Jeisu held his head with one hand as a pain spike went through it as Alex ran off. "This is going to drive me insane, I just know it."
the fact that I got stuck going to school with you!
The words rang through his head continuously making his head ache even more so.
"Jeisu!!" Uh oh.
Jeisu gave up on unching the bag and sprinted as Janet, a girl who didn't take no for an answer ran after him.
Jeisu barreled around a corner of the school and yelped as he was pulled backwards into a door that shut and locked after he was inside.
Janet ran past the door calling his name as she tried to catch up.
"Kyle if  you were a chick I would probably kiss you right about now." Jeisu sighed in relief.
Kyle laughed at his best friend and boss. "What are minions for? You don't look so good."
"I'm not." Jeisu admired.
"What's going on?" Kyle was a lesser fire demon, and knew all about the other demons through research, he was basically an info broker.
Jeisu explained about his issue with Alex.
"Unfortunately this time I can't help you very much. I can do some snooping but it will take me at least a week to get all the info verified. All I know is Alex is very unsociable with the others in soil but outside of school Alex would fit right in with the geeks otakus and nerds. Alex goes to "Otaku World after school very few days to buy pokemon and yugioh cards." Kyle stated looking at his notebook.
"That didn't help me any. I need to know if Alex is a girl or a guy." Jeisu stated as he crossed his arms.
Neither boy noticed that three of their friends were outside eavesdropping and decided to take matters into their own hands

so far so good... Alex had decided to take the back way home trying to avoid Jeisu. "He would be hot if it wasn't for his mood swings.." She muttered to herself. Jeisu stood almost as tall as her, roughly 5 foot nine to about 6 foot two. He had dark brown hair with red, blonde, black, and blue streaks in it that shone in the sunlight, his hair style was long enough to reach his ears and neck and if he had been nicer to her she had the urge to run her fingers through it and see if it was as silky as it looked.
His eyes though... They were a hazel green color that shifted shades of green blue orange and yellow. She had equated them to his emotions. Orange was anger, green was happy, blue was sadness, she just couldn't figure out the yellow that she had seen that morning, before they shifted to orange as he looked away. The only other color she had seen was a blackish silver that meant he was livid and she had only seen it one time and did not feel like seeing it again..
"Could he... Be a demon?"
Her friend Alice was a hunter who had vanished a fw years ago. Alex had found and read the books left behind. She had no urges to be a hunter but would like to avoid being hunted.
The unwanted image of jeisu leaning in and kissing her made her blush heavily, maybe...?
"Well well well looky who we have here." A male voice brought her out of her thoughts abruptly as she looked up.
Gregory, Andrew, and Jason weresiurounding her in a triangular pattern.
"What do you want?" Alex bit out in anger. How could she be sooo stupid.
"The boss didn't look too good this morning, and your the cause of it. Now we are going to help him and be rewarded instead of Kyle." Andrew stated as he stepped forward.
Alex kept her ear on him, waiting for the other two to get close enough as well. "And I would care why?" She was searching for answers while stalling.
"Obviously you don't." Gregory spoke up.
Before alex could react Jason was in front of her and his fist was in her gut,an attempt to knock her out.
Alex fell to her knees and coughed up blood, before taking in a breathe and ramming her head into Jason's gut, causing him to fall over.
Gregory advanced next using a pocket knife trying to stab her, alex was doing her best to avoid it as andrew got behind her and delivered a kick that she caughtand held in place as Gregory stabbed, making Jason howl in pain. Alex dropped his foot and made gregory trip making Greg fall on top of andrew and stun them both from pain.
Alex stood fully back up just in time to recievean even hardergut lunch from Jason making her scream as the air left her lungs and she fell face first passed out.

Jeisu didn't know why, but he was running along a path that lead behind the school towards town. The 'ping' he had felt a long time ago was telling him that his mate was in pain. A sudden scream from just up ahead made him release some of his demon side to g the extra speed he needed.
"That was harder than I thoiughtit would be. This kid didn't go down like other people do. Now let's see what underneath that duster."
That was Gregory's voice! And only one person jeisu knew of wore a duster. Alex!!!
Jeisu could see them now, three of his frenemies were surrounding a figure on the ground, and he could smell blood.
"Stop!" Without meaning to he caused a gust of wind to blow Jason away from the fallen figure

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Short stories. Vr 2
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