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 Database of characters

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PostSubject: Re: Database of characters   Database of characters EmptyWed Jan 04, 2017 11:17 pm

Name- Nova Lynette Pride
Nickname - Novi,Nova Scotia
Age- 22
Race -Demi-God
Hair color- Typically Wine Red , long,cut emo style, usually pretty shaggy
Eyes- Crystalline Blue
Home Town- Albuquerque, NM
Job -Model
Sexual Orientation- Bi-Curious

My OC is the daughter of Aphrodite, her dad was a Marine Officer who settled down after her birth. He married his high school sweetheart, and everything was fine. Nova herself is very intelligent, but incredibly snarky. She was actually fairly popular in school, winning homecoming queen her senior year. She dresses punkish goth, with a lot of dark colors.

Her modelling career started a month before her high school graduation, and she's modelled for companies and labels such as Hot Topic, Spencers, Harajuku and Chanel.

Her powers are the ability to bring inanimate objects, such as statues and toys to life, and turn anything she's wearing into a weapon. She also possess a good strain of charm speak, and mind reading.

She currently lives in Hell,Michigan
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PostSubject: Re: Database of characters   Database of characters EmptyThu Jan 05, 2017 3:03 pm

Nickname: n/a
Technical age: 323
Earthly age: 123
Race: devil
Hair color: grey (can't dye it)
Skin color: darker grey
Eyes: solid black
Home town: n/a travels alot
Job: don Juan/ odd jobs/ thief and assassin
Sexual orientation: bi
Ashen is the youngest of the five sons of Satan, when he was 50 he was apprenticed to Death. He loved the human race so much he fights for his freedom.
He can traverse different dimensions, steal souls with the touch of skin on skin, and he fights with all close to mid range weaponry, and he carries two hand guns on each side
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PostSubject: Re: Database of characters   Database of characters EmptyThu Jan 05, 2017 3:22 pm

Name: Jace Kasshu, Jeisu Kasshu, Jaden Colt (Colter)
Race: White, half demon depending on rp
Eyes:Hazel but they change color depending on emotion
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 190lbs
Hometown: Somewhere in Texas
Location:Anywhere USA
Hair Color/length: dark brown to black
Jobs: Burning Gundam Pilot (based on rp) mechanic,goverment agent
Age:17-20s (based on role play)
Orientation: Straight
Parents: Rain Mikamura and Domon Kasshu
Pets: Dog German Shepherd named Colt
Abilities/Powers: Jace is a martial artist has been doing it since he was able to walk, he is trained in martial arts forms such as karate, japanese and chinese kenpo, has trained unconventionally with multiple formss of weaponry, including shuriken, kunai,  knifves, swords (mainly hand and a half and one handed swords with which he dual wields), multiple firearms including pistols and assault rifles,also proficient with hand 2 hand combat and grappling and hidden blades
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PostSubject: Re: Database of characters   Database of characters EmptyThu Jan 05, 2017 3:28 pm

Name: nemesis
Nickname: nem
Age, 137
Age when met Ashen: 15
age she looks: 23
Race: human, druid
Skin color: dark tan- vampire pale
Eyes: sapphire blue
Home town: n/a
Job: huntress/ thief/ sniper
Sexual orientation: bi (leaning straight)
Nemesis was raised a druid till she met Ashen at 15, when she slaughtered her entire family because they wanted to kill the child (Ashen), before they left to find a place to belong.
Nem can hunt better than most, she can hit a fly from over 500 feet away, and she is adept with small blade hand to hand,
She has a small amount of elemental control, and has a problem with collecting items for world they visited
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PostSubject: Re: Database of characters   Database of characters EmptyMon Jan 09, 2017 3:39 am

Name: Cassandra Alexandria Colter.

Nicknames: Cassie, Lexi, Cass (boy alias), Alex (boy alias)

Call sign: Shadow Wings, The Fallen, Valkyrie.

Age: 18-25 roleplay pending.

Eyes: purple, change color with mood, or her form, rp pending.

Hair: it falls to her lower back, and is layer cut, the under layers are red on the left side blue on the right side. The way its layered makes her hair look wild and unruly. Its shag cut to cover the left side of her face with her bangs which also has a small blue and red streak through it.

Face: rp pending, back story pending, Cassie will either have a scar or no scar. The scar starts at her forehead and runs down her noseline, much like squall from final fantasy, a reminder from an encounter, usually with Jace, that for one reason or another results in that scar.

Jewelry: Cassie no matter what rp has a choker with a pentagram pendant hanging of on it (I'll post what it looks like later). Rp pending: in non human rps Cassie has golden bands, one on both wrists and ankles, as well as the chocker, to restrain her power. If tey break or are removed she changes forms. If all five are released she becomes a 20 foot tall Cerberus with 3 sets of wings, one feathery angelic, one set is leathery demonic, and the last is skeletal as its not yet fully grown in. She also has multiple tails, all in different colors representing the basic elements such as fire ice water lightning.

Personality: Cassie is a mix bag of skittles when it comes to her personality. She seems to be a good judge of character by working with people and good old fashioned talking. If she likes you she will hang around you and eventually if yoiu make a good enough imorssion she will claim you as family. Until that time she is a tsundere and thinks people are annoying. If she didn't like you well she will look for excuses to get away and if you don't take the hint she tends to get snarky and sarcastic. She also has days of basically just being a bitch but ten she feels bad for speaking her mind and gets depressed. She tends to feel useless if others do things for her, such as rake her yard or do the dishes.

Hobbies: Cassie has a knack for cooking when she wants to. She also adores card games and loves to play puzzling video games, she'll play almost any video game at least once if offered. She can be found reading a book while she sun bathes in the spring. She also likes to sew, and cosplay.

Species: Role play pending, Cassie is normally a wolf demon-mimic.

Element: Dark, Shadow.

Weapons: Scythe, GreatSword, GunLance, Bow and Arrow, Daggers, 22 caliber rifle inherited through family, twin pistols.

Skills: has gymnastic flexibility resulting in good evasion, able to dual wield heavy weapons, has a high response rate to what happens around her,
Shadow Claw: attacks with claws cloaked in shadows
+-- Shadow Reaver: enhanced version using darkness, inflicts "fear" status to opponents for varied amounts of time. Sharper claws rip through most metals.

Silence Glaive: spins her scythe in her hands then her body and launches it at her openents who don't expected it and take maximum damage comparable to a deli slicer.

Shadow Fang: usually done in wolf form, biting a light or holy elemental results in them being poisoned, biting a dark elemental restores health and stamina.
+-- Darkness fang: enhanced version of shadow fang, biting light elementals is almost always fatal, sharper fangs allow to bite through almost all armor.

Shadow wave: (AoE) flap her wings sending blasts of shadow energy knocking back opponents. Noted to use her hands but with less control.

Shadow ball: think of a cross of the pokemon attack and rasengan. Small balls of dark energy that can be spammed in quick succession and depending on how long its charged can deal high damage and fly at high velocity.

Dark charge: is a power up move of shadow ball that takes time to use, gathers as much shadows as possible from the surrounding area to use a devastating attack.

Darkness Destroyer*: (AoE) basically a finisher move, requires dark charge to use. Cassie will fling/drop the much bigger ball of compact shadows and dark energy at her foes, as it travels it grows larger and foes caught inside stay inside like a bubble, a second more compact shadow ball bounces around inside damaging enemies. Due to energy cost Cassie can only use this move once every 24 hours, repeated use chances a coma, or death.


Shadow Clone: makes a double of herself using her shadow, the clone is noted to have silver, grey, or black eyes depending on how you view them. Long periods in the sun cause the clone to poof, as will an attack from a light elemental. Able to withstand attacks from fire water and earth however. When it returns to being a shadow its memories go to Cassie. Can only use one shadow clone at a time. No intentional reference to naruto. Lol.

Trace/Tracker: "tags" another persons shadow to fnd them quickly or warp to them.

Jump/Warp: dual ability, using Trace/Track, cassie can "jump" into another persons shadow, by warping to them. Cassie can hide in their shadow until she's busted because her eyes can be seen where eyes shouldn't be on the shadow.

Manipulate: Cassie's shadow can grab someone else's shadow,and force the real person into her biding by manipulating the shadow.

Shadow Army****: very tricky,takes time effort and concentration to do. Cassie first tags peoples shadows, she can tag multiple people, up to 20 before she starts straining, she can then use Shadow Clone to make peoples shadows, friends and foe alike, come to life and battle for her. The shadows are as powerful as the person they come from, and are very durable before they poof. Cassie can't do this very often as it results in migraines, so if at all possible she avoids doing this ability.

Mimick: allows her to copy moves seen, like sharingon, and if she practices she can retain the move, the drawback is until mastered she can only copy one move, and using (example) fireball jitsu results in black and purple fire, dark fire. Any moves copied become dark/Shadow elementontop of the original element.

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Database of characters
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